• A nine letter word describing the positive satisfaction our bodies can achieve through words, thoughts or actions •

I’ve been struggling to find the deeper meaning of happiness for quite some time now. Do you ever have one of those weeks where one thing goes terribly wrong…? And another. And another… until suddenly you’re stumbling down a hill of disaster, drowning in your own self-pity and sadness. I’ve been that miserable girl for way too long– bad day after bad day. You feel defeated, trapped, depressed. Like things will just keep getting worse. I’d go into detail about all of the negative emotions that have ever swept through my body, but then this blog would lack a purpose (considering that I’m here to promote positivity and happy vibes). 

Recently I’ve come to realize some things the entire world deserves to know:

Happiness truly is a choice. You’re fighting with your parents again– so what? Will disrespect solve the problem? You’ve failed another exam– so what? Will regrets of not studying hard enough replace that embarrassing grade for a passing one? You’ve gotten your heart-broken for the hundredth time, when you assured yourself this one was the one– so what? Will sobbing in your pillow win your ex back? I know it’s hard to remain strong in situations like the death of a loved one, loss of a job, another cancer diagnosis. I get it, I really do. But when you really start to think about it…does sadness solve anything? Anything at all?

It has taken me years to finally be able to answer this question honestly. No. The answer is NO. I’ve tried to convince myself too many times that sad stages are necessary for growth and development in our lives. No. Just no. Sadness is nothing but a morbid mindset in your head and an empty feeling in your heart. The minute you let go of the negative words, thoughts, and actions holding you back from reaching bliss, you can forever experience this nine letter word.


“Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.”

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    1. I agree with imtiazisaacs. I would not want to live a life with only happiness in it. You would not realize anymore that you are happy when you’re never sad. I agree that regret doesn’t get you anywhere but we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves and ban negative thoughts all together. Sadness also has some advantages, one of them being that they make us appreciate it much more when we are happy. But overall you are right, happiness IS a choice!

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    1. Exactly! You’re certain to have a happier future with a positive mindset. And I checked out your post about happiness — such true points!


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