• A four letter word that I can’t seem to live with… or without; a feeling of affection or deep interest towards a person, place or thing •

When you hear the word “love” your mind might wander to that special someone. Now you’re picturing a particular person: a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, partner, lover – people we are romantically involved with. Or maybe you’re single and love is a bridge you haven’t quite crossed yet. Those who assume they aren’t loved are forever longing to discover the meaning. Those who have loved and have lost love are forever longing to forget the meaning.

Unfortunately, there are some who think love is impossible, nonexistent, and dumb. Fortunately, I’m here to tell you it is not.

Things to know about love:

1. Love starts with yourself–

How do you expect others to love you, when you’re not in love with yourself? Work on your weaknesses and build up your strengths. Go to the gym more, adjust your attitude and do what makes you happy. Create the kind of person you long to love within yourself. If you always love yourself that is one guaranteed person who will never stop loving you.

2. You don’t need a significant other to love/be loved–

Love your grandparents. Love your siblings. Love your next door neighbor, or your best friend. You don’t have to be dating whoever you love. Just feel it and show it, and you’ll endlessly have someone loving you back.

3. Love isn’t just limited to humans. You can love just about anything–

I love online shopping, binge watching Criminal Minds late at night, and hot summer beach days. We love places, concepts, actions and objects that make us happy. Find what makes you the happiest and you will constantly have something to love.

Personally for me, discovering the deeper meaning behind love has made being single much more bearable, and actually not a bad thing at all. I’ve learned to love myself and all of the incredible people and things in my life. I am forever grateful for learning the different ways to use this four letter word.

Have a loving Valentine’s Day everyone! And remember:

“Choose your love, love your choice.”

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  1. this is LOVEly!!!! and while im married and have 2 little boys and 1 big boy to love, i love so many other things and i am grateful to have so much love in my life – and it all started with learning to love myself x

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  2. I really loved how you explained about love, and happiness. You are right, we need to let go of what makes us sad, instead of holding onto it. You remind me of the bad habit I had of holding onto things in my heart and not let it go, not forgive and forget. For example, if my friend made me unhappy, I used to say it’s “fine,” yet it’s not fine at all. I kept holding a bad feeling about him or her in my heart, instead of let it go.

    Which was a very bad habit I had, and I didn’t even realize I was doing it, until when my friend helped me see it and quit that habit for the benefit of my friends. People often do hurtful things and don’t see it until someone tells them. My friend helped me see it and quit that habit for the benefit of others. Now I am much happier and my friendships are much better.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story with me! I know it seems hard to always remain happy and optimistic in tough situations, but if you can identify the good in situations the majority of the time it can really change your life. I’ve recently realized this and I’ve never been happier! It’s never good to hold onto anger or negative emotions because they will only build up and bring down your mood. I’m glad you were able to let go of this habit. Try to always approach each day with a positive attitude because your happiness should be your top priority 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for being kind to me. True we have a responsible part to play to bring our humanity to life. I will keep approaching each day with a positive attitude because love is my top priority in life.

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