• A nine letter word describing the desire to relive the past due to sentimental memories •

I’m writing this post as I lay in bed flooded with nostalgia in my hotel room. Location: Disney World. Known to most as the most magical place on Earth. Whether you’re seven or forty-five, we can all agree that feeling of warmth and happiness that the environment of a Disney park brings us.

Growing up, my family traveled to Disney numerous times. My heart raced as we entered that Orlando airport. My smile brightened as I noticed the Mickey theme turning every corner around the resort. My excitement heightened boarding the buses which were en route to the parks. Adrenaline rushed through my veins from the sight of a Disney character, as I pranced towards them begging for an autograph.

Ah, the memories. I lay here now looking back on the past few days spent in Disney, reminiscing on the earlier years of my life spent in Disney. Part of me desperately wants to travel back in time to those carefree days, where I didn’t have to worry about walking in the heat because Daddy always pushed me in the stroller, and I had that cute little Minnie hat to block the sun. The other part of me accepts that what’s passed has passed, and the only direction life moves in is forward. I will forever hold onto my past Disney memories, but I also look forward to creating new ones. I cannot wait to take my future children here one day and watch the bliss fill through their bodies as it did through mine. For now, I’ll enjoy this nostalgic feeling and smile with every memory I recall, as time invents new memories along the way.

“The best thing about memories is making them.”

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