• An eight letter word referring to that feeling of envying one’s lifestyle; the desire to have what others already do (physically or emotionally) •

Another Saturday night spent lounging in my bed and what better topic to blog about than jealousy? Yes, jealousy—that warm feeling of enrage and unsatisfaction. While all of my friends are out gallivanting with their boyfriends, my single self is left plan-less yet again. The jealousy in my attitude ascends to high levels as they’re out having fun, while I lay here bored out of my mind. Jealousy arises when we wish to be in another’s position/when we desire to obtain what they have or be who they are.

Things to know about jealousy:

1. It’s completely normal to be jealous —

We’re human, we’re imperfect, and jealousy is a part of life. You’re not alone and you’re not insane. We have all experienced that jealous feeling– that longing for someone’s possessions or characteristics. It’s okay to an extent.

2. You shouldn’t let jealousy affect your relationships —

This one is so important. Your friends are bragging in your group chat again about how sickly in love they are. Your parents bought your sister a brand new car for her 17th birthday. Your peers all seem to be spending their spring breaks somewhere warm and tropical. Being bitter and expressing envy towards people in your life is actually pretty rude, and could create bigger problems, and destroy valuable relationships. Turn that negative energy into a positive reaction. Be happy for your friends, compliment your sister’s car, and ask your peers all about their trip when they return. Yeah, you long to be in their position, but you aren’t– you might as well support them.

3. Turn that jealousy into self improvement —

You yearn to have the beautiful body that girl has? Work out and get in shape. You wish you had exceptional test grades like your classmate? Study hard and prove yourself. You want a lavish life one day? Set yourself up for many successes in the future. We may not have what others do in the moment, but we are capable of anything over time. Don’t waste your time being jealous now, when you could be working on bettering yourself. That jealous feeling will fade when you’re satisfied with your own life.

Although I still get jealous from time to time, I’ve learned to control it better for the sake of my personal relationships. I’m ecstatic for my friends who are happily in love and I hope to have that one day. We often hurt our self esteem obsessing over someone else’s life. Accept that everyone’s life happens differently, and your time will come someday. Eliminate jealousy by focusing on creating the person you crave to be.

“Don’t waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.”

And that is perfectly okay.

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