• A twelve letter word describing the state of being individualistic, self-sufficient and not reliant on others •

The biggest leap I ever took into independence was when I began what some call “the best four years of your life.” You know, those years you are expected to find yourself and become the true person you’re set out to be in this big old world. It’s a place where you’re too old to have your mom hold your hand along the way, and are obligated to set your own guidelines of what is right and wrong. These past two years have been full of lessons, all contributing to the evolution of myself. One of my favorite lessons has been about independence. Over the years I’ve learned just how empowering it is relying on only yourself. It’s a wonderful thing spending a day alone, accomplishing all that you set out to without needing someone else there. Don’t get me wrong– because I love the company of my friends and family, but I’ve discovered so much more about myself alone. You are your own permanent best friend, guaranteed to never leave your side. Make your own decisions, act upon your wants and needs, inspire yourself, and find happiness from within– key parts of independence. I would have never known how much I am capable of had I not found the courage to walk through this world alone.

“Sometimes you’re all you have, and sometimes that’s all you need.”

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  1. So true. Independence can be such a liberating feeling. Other times it can also be a little sad, because it’s all about growing up when you think about it.

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