• A six letter word describing an alteration in how things previously were; to become different physically, emotionally or mentally •

Whether it’s a change in the weather, a change in an outfit, a change in location, or a change of your mindset, change is endlessly surrounding us. Our physical appearances have been changing since birth as we continue to grow. Our inner traits have shifted as well, from our personalities to our values to our level of intelligence.

Change is unavoidable. It is very difficult to maintain the same exact lifestyle forever. Who would want to do that anyway? We grow on these journeys of change, and learn a significant amount about anything and everything. Although some changes may be a devastating experience (like the death of a loved one, a breakup, or moving away from your childhood home) we must face them in the most positive way. More times than likely, the end of one thing leads to the beginning of another.

As we constantly change, we face additional change outside of our bodies. These surrounding alterations affect our actions, prompting more change. As the season switches from snow days to beach weather my mood is positively changing, my clothing choices are drastically changing, and my priorities/center of focus are nowhere near where they were in the winter. I enter summer mode as the semester wraps up and prepare myself for the next stage in my life. I will miss the experiences that I was a part of this year, but life is telling me that it’s time for some change. I may not get to see the same people I’ve been surrounded by all semester, but I trust that change has new and better adventures ahead for me.

The thought of change may terrify some, but I believe that change is more a friend than a foe. Change presents us with new opportunities we may not have had access to before. Change can be beautiful and exciting if we let it be. We have to accept the changes set out for us and let them take us on our designated path of life.

Remind yourself:

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

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  1. Great piece. I felt like you truly meant what you wrote, and that’s an incredible feeling to inspire in readers. Change hurts, a lot! but you’re so right in saying that you have got to trust that pending changes will bring about something better.

    If I may ask, what are you talking in post-secondary?



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    1. Thank you so much!! Reading what you just said motivates me to write even more about these life realizations.
      I’m currently in college on the path to receiving a bachelor’s degree in social work, then my masters!

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