• A ten letter word describing the state of feeling sad, useless, and hopeless on a regular basis •

Everyone has been upset from time to time. A bad breakup, a degrading comment, and the failure to accomplish a goal can all trigger despair. We may cry, scream, and vent until we feel at ease again. We shake that sadness off and move on. There’s a distinct difference between these occasional sorrows and depression. Depression is a sadness that cannot be easily forgotten.

Below is an excerpt from a letter I once wrote to my parents:

“I guess you kind of just know when the sadness hits you and doesn’t bounce off. It’s an unbearable kind of pain, worse than any I’ve ever felt because you’re unsure when you’ll be better. You get a sore throat, take some medicine and expect results in a few days. When you feel the way that I do there are no depression throat drops or type of natural remedy that could alleviate the pain. It stays with you, never letting you forget the dark thoughts occupying your mind.”

You don’t have to be clinically diagnosed to feel the overwhelming side effects of depression. I think the people in my life would be shocked to find out that the girl who smiles all of the time has cried just as much, that the girl who tries to see the good in everything has also seen the absolute worst.

When I wrote these words I was in a much worse place. I’m pleased to say I’m handling this better. Some days life is full of meaning, and I turn to all of the positives to bring up my mood. Other days when I am struggling to find the point I remind myself that I am here for a purpose. If you are reading this please know that you are here for a reason. The entire world would not be the same had you not existed.

It took a lot in me to share these thoughts, but I know a plethora of people can relate. Nearly 350 million people worldwide are currently dealing with depression. It’s crucial to know that life does get better. The depression may sometimes seem like it has the upper hand, but you should never let it win. There are ways to overcome what you’re feeling inside. Optimism is so incredibly important when dealing with such negativity. Bring positive thoughts forward, making your happiness first priority. Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive. Appreciate every breath you take and find ways to release the depressive energy. Assure yourself that there are brighter days ahead because I can guarantee you have so much to live for.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

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    1. It takes a lot of time and strength but I’m sure you are capable of overcoming it, never give up and never be afraid to turn to others for advice. Best of luck to you!


  1. i really like this. You are brave for baring your soul. I was a depressed teen and i felt like my thoughts continued to control my life into my 20’s….even after finding(maybe allowing) love, joy and happiness in my life. I am not in that space anymore and one day you wont be either. recovery is possible. im going to share this on my page. i hope thats ok x

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