• A ten letter word referring to the strong desire to travel and explore •

A wicked case of wanderlust was bestowed upon me the day I questioned if there was more to life than what I’ve been exposed to. The first twenty years of my life had been spent confined to the east coast. Growing up as a Jersey girl, I was only familiarized with my area. A world with gas attendants, parkway south and taylor ham was all that I knew. Late in my teenage years my knowledge of this area no longer satisfied me, as I began to learn more about what the world had to offer.

Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam– breathtaking cities I began admiring from a far via pictures on the Internet. I laid eyes on their most well-known landmarks, hoping to actually visit one day. The visible beauty and historic aspects were not all that I longed to observe. I grew curious to learn how others lived, how one’s lifestyle in Greece may vary from my ordinary day here in New Jersey. I planned to venture off to Africa to get a better sense of the poverty struggles occurring, and of course contribute help where I could. I desperately yearned to view life from new perspectives. My entire life had been spent in the same general area, and that just wasn’t satisfactory to me. I had to develop first-hand experiences from all over the world. My desire to travel spread rapidly in my heart and soul, and so a case of wanderlust developed.

I write to you now from my airplane seat. Destination: Los Angeles, California. It may not be an international trip, but it is my first time wandering off to the opposite side of the country, and for that I am super ecstatic. Positive emotions rush through my body as I envision that famous Hollywood sign. Exploration will await me when I enter the LAX airport. I’m ready to breathe that California air and witness places I have never been exposed to before. Here’s to the beginning of my traveling adventures, expansion of experience, and creation of memories that’ll last forever.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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  1. Join the club!! I just recently got back from a Holiday myself … to a city I’d already been in, but I went there all on my own this time. There’s something so exciting about going somewhere new by yourself. I hope you enjoy your trip! Meanwhile, I’m totally wondering where to go once I’ve saved up!! 😛

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