Unsure, Confused & Lost

Unsure, Confused & Lost—

Unsure— • A six letter word full of uncertainty •

Confused— • An eight letter word describing the inability to understand a concept •

Lost— • A four letter word referring to one’s unawareness of where he/she is, or where he/she is headed •

The three words to describe my outlook on my future. To think approaching my third year of college I’d have it all figured out– where I’m headed, what I’m meant to be in this race we call life, yet I’m still as clueless as the day I applied for college. Acceptance to the social work program seemed more defined than an undeclared major, but is it something I really want to do? I hesitate as I search for the answer to this question. I stick with it because it’s the only lead I partially have, and without it I’d be more lost than I already am. I don’t have this all figured out today, and I certainly won’t tomorrow. Maybe I won’t even have an answer as I finish up the last of my credits and prepare to accept my diploma.

As I realize what I don’t know, I focus on what I do. I know I want to make a difference in the lives of others, make enough to afford a comfortable lifestyle, and have the opportunity to travel as much as I desire. Knowing the slightest bit is a start. Highlight what you are aware of. The list will exceed your expectations.

I additionally realize that it’s okay to not have a detailed plan of life. Sometimes you just have to let each day take you where it may. Be open to new ideas. You never know what small encounter can influence your future and life decisions.

Lastly, enough comparing yourself to the people who seem to have the perfect agenda. Even those who think they have all of the answers become hesitant from time to time, scared and doubtful. To anyone my age: we are young, and there’s still a lot of life to be lived. We’re expected to spend this time figuring out what we will become someday– who we will evolve into. The next time you are feeling unsure, confused or lost remember that questioning your life purpose is quite normal, and a very crucial step on the road to self-discovery. What we don’t know now can’t stay hidden forever, and will come to us over time.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves.”

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  1. Nice post! By the way, how was your trip?? I think if you are not sure where you are headed, it is important sticking to your interests and passions, and just see where that takes you. Personally I do have one goal in mind but I trust Life that it will take me some place else, some place that is in fact a whole lot better than I am planning right now. It’s a nice thought … if you love adventures, that is! 🙂 I think we never end up where we expect, and that’s a part of the beauty of life!

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    1. My trip was amazing, thank you for asking! I explored so many new places. I truly loved it out there!

      I couldn’t of said that better myself. I enjoy the unexpectedness of life, and you seem to too! Keep letting life take you where it believes you should be. Best of luck xo

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  2. I am about to finish college and my brain is constantly flooded with similar negativity. I keep telling my self that I am a fighter, and I ll not give up.

    You brought positivity to my life with this post. And making a difference to other peoples lives is all that matters right?

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    1. You are so sweet, I’m honored to have an influence on others lives even if it is the smallest bit. You will figure out your place in life eventually! For now just enjoy the ride, discover what makes you happy and everything will fall into place. Good luck to you!! 🙂


  3. Miss Happiest of the Unhappy, you are a wonderful writer – I’m a little jealous. You’re better than me in many ways. I’ve touched on this subject so many times, but you get to it, you communicate clearly, and it just carries the message perfectly. It is absolutely natural to feel so lost and disconnected from your purpose, but it also sucks, a lot.

    I love your take on it all, and I love how you express it. I’ll be keeping tabs on ya’!

    I’m currently undergoing a rebrand/redesign that I hope will allow my blog and writing to evolve in positive ways. I’d love for you to have a look once its up and running – most likely in September. I will let you know, since I’d love to keep connected.

    Much Love.


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    1. Laura,
      Your words just made my day for sure. Thank you for the compliments! I write exactly what I feel and I’m so happy that I can show my perspective and have it relate to the lives of others.
      I’d absolutely love to check out your blog and see all that you have to say! Thank you again and we will keep in touch. Have a beautiful day 🙂
      Xo Nicole

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