• An eleven letter word predicting what will happen throughout our life encounters; an assumption of how things should be •

Our entire lives we are exposed to this image of what life is all about. Growing up in a traditional family, furthering your education through college, landing the ideal job. Stumbling upon your soul mate, taking a leap into marriage, and creating a beautiful family. We expect to achieve all of this flawlessly–no sweat, tears or blood. But this utopian view on life forgot to include common twists and turns– poverty, crime, illness, natural disasters. It excluded the devastations of unemployment, debt, war, infidelity and infertility. The reality is… life never ends up exactly how we want it to. And even if we’re lucky enough to arrive at our desired final destination, it took a lot of unexpected routes to get there.

If you expect to live engulfed in perfection, to always be told the truth, to be liked by every person you meet, to infinitely know the right answer– you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment. People will break their promises, we won’t receive what we want the most, and desired results become a rarity. It is better to live each day at a time, never inferring the outcome of a situation. If it turns out in your favor, enjoy the satisfaction. If it doesn’t quite benefit you, don’t let that upset you. There will be other opportunities to gain from (and grow from). Learn to let everything happen as it does and to release control. The best moments in life happen unexpectedly, without force or anticipation.

“We must be willing to get rid of the life that we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

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