• The eight letter acceptance we constantly seek from the judgmental society we face everyday •

Is this okay to post?” she asks while sending a highly filtered photograph to three of her closest friends.

The pictures we post online, the people we associate ourselves with, the actions we perform…we can’t seem to do any of it without seeking a second, even third or fourth opinion. How many times a day do we practically ask permission from others to carry out simple tasks? How often do we let our friends and family make the choices that define who we are and what we do?

The secret to living a happy life has nothing to do with pleasing others or following every bit of advice you’re given. Opinions can be helpful in times, but should not be solely what your life relies on. Learn to make bold decisions on your own. Buy the dress you feel confident in without hearing you look good from someone else. Talk to the guys your friends disapprove of to form your own judgements. Forgive those who’ve done you wrong regardless of how others feel about the situation. Say what you want, when you want, however you want. Represent yourself in the truest form possible, continuously putting your viewpoint first. You were given this life to show everyone who you are, not what everyone wants you to be.

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”

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