Social Media

Social Media—

• An eleven letter phrase describing the use of social networking through the sharing of thoughts, pictures and messages •

A night out in the city can’t seem to begin until a worthy enough picture is captured and posted. The waffle tower ordered at brunch the next morning clearly mustn’t be eaten until shown off to all.

Posing for, editing, and sharing photos has become more than common to our modern-day society. We instagram where we go, snapchat what we do, and tweet what we feel–fully aware that others will see. We seek reactions from peers on how we showcase our lives. In this attempt to represent who we are, we ironically lose ourselves. The shackles of this dependent hobby grip tighter. Impressing our followers becomes top priority and ‘likes’ begin to fulfill our self-worth, as participation turns addictive.

Although we vulnerably fall victim to this social media hype, the virtual paths that we take remain in our control. We can continue using social media to show-off, to subtweet the faults of others, and to envy lifestyles we don’t have…or we can use it to better lives. We can use it to inspire through words and pictures. We can promote positivity, spread news or spark ideas. We can share laughs and pass along touching tales. We can use social media to stay connected, remain informed, and discover. The benefits of social media expand once we change its’ intended direction, as does the faint hope of this generation.

“Use social media not to impress people, but to impact people.”

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