New Beginnings

New Beginning—

• A twelve letter phrase indicating the start of living differently, by choice or involuntarily, and hopefully for the better •

A sentence rolls off of his heavily accented tongue and just like that my world is changed. No more after-care pick ups or swim lesson monitoring. The end of everlasting rounds of Monopoly, first grade math homework assisting and playground shenanigans. This chapter in my life concludes as I say goodbye to the boys who taught me way more than vague Russian words and the trick to solving a Rubik’s cube. Through them I learned true responsibility and unconditional love. Though it hurts to hand in my crumb-filled car seat and worn out key, I accept that jobs can’t last forever. I hug my babies, proud of how much they’ve grown, and blessed to have witnessed that growth. My hesitant footsteps guide me to the door, as I leave my nanny title behind. To think I’d be used to new beginnings by now…

Beginning again–a reoccurring theme in my twenty young years of living. I’ve watched family disappear and friendships diminish, but learned to live on without them. I cringe at the thought of my parents selling my childhood home, but recognize there is a future beyond this familiar town. Relationships have been broken off, with no hopes of reconnection, yet I continually introduce myself to future betrayers. I’ve let in and let go, found and have lost, lived and have perished–and I was revived. Life is endlessly changing as routines shatter. And although I almost break, I find my new beginning.

When people can no longer serve you, and situations cease to enhance your growth, starting anew is the wisest option. Take this chance to change your ways and become something greater. Jump on a path you have not taken, and see where it leads. Sometimes the people we thought would never leave are the first to walk out the door. Life must go on without their presence. You will soon learn it was for the better. And sometimes the life we feel comfortable living isn’t supposed to last forever. We were meant for something so much more. Don’t think of change as a setback or loss. Consider it a push leading towards a fresh start. A closing door is merely a beneficial redirection, and certainly not the end of your world–but a beginning.

“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.”

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