• The inconsistent, emotional, and complex four letter word in which we exist •

It is a place shining with beauty, yet flooded with devastation. Its ever-changing events relieve and exhaust. Our hopes surge to the highest tower, only to descend to ground level short after. We build fires that fill our bodies with warmth, only to freeze as the flame dies out. We want to exist and disappear, laugh and cry, change and remain– all concurrently. We long to slow down the time we’ll never get back, yet wish it all away, praying for the immediate arrival of the future. We’re egotistic one day, accepting of the self-love we deserve…but worthless the next, ashamed of who we are. We crave to be noticed, however, know the best hiding spots. We desperately seek what we know we can’t have and take our privileges for granted. We’re blessed, but unsatisfied.

Maybe life is better defined as contradicting. And maybe all of this is inevitable. Every path you take and rough day you face are part of a greater plan–your destiny. The place where this all makes sense. The place where every broken heart and messed up head gain clarity. Everything is the way that it needs to be, so stop resisting. Trust the inconsistency. Find ways to cope with the bad times, and embrace the good. Cease your cynical reactions. Life is what you make of it. You can sulk when you don’t get your way, and suffer from negativity, or you can grow. Improve. Mature. Let go of what’s beyond your control. It’s supposed to happen this way. Do not question it or try to understand. Drop the burden. Accept the paradox that life is, and move forward in a positive light. Recognize that we wouldn’t have ups without some downs. We can’t avoid the fate set out for us, but we can make the best of the cards we are dealt.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

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