Growing Up

Growing Up—

• A nine letter phrase describing the process of maturing, both physically and mentally •

As the new year rolled around so did a very important milestone in my life, my twenty-first birthday. The party scene surely hit me hard in my first week of legality. Hoboken, Atlantic City, local bars… I wanted to experience it all. Though I don’t regret the hard to remember nights and the hangovers that followed, I quickly realized I want to make my twenty-first year about something so much more. It’s time to grow.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from perfect, and have a ton of growing up to do. In my twenty-first year I vow to work on my flaws to better myself as a person. This starts with recognizing my responsibility. I must hold myself accountable for each and every action. I won’t blame it on the alcohol or the peers feeding me tequila shots. My friends and family are not liable for my life decisions. My twenty-first year will start with embracing my responsibility.

Another stepping stone towards growing up is learning to forgive. I must let go of the resentment I hold towards those who have ‘done me wrong.’ Anger hinders growth. Let it go and mature. Improve yourself. Grow. My twenty-first year will start with practicing forgiveness.

Though the bar hopping will continue with every strong drink consumed, I will put a deeper focus on growing up. I will accept my responsibility at this age and learn to forgive others. I will work towards bettering myself in every aspect. With every new age comes the expectation to improve. Let growing up mold you into the best possible version of yourself.

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

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