Origin— • A six letter word referring to where "it" began • I revisit this special origin in my life as my fingers flow freely onto the keyboard. This was more than just a form of expression or a documentation of times. Here the self-discovery journey began-- my self-discovery takeoff. This domain gave me comfort... Continue Reading →


Wanderlust— • A ten letter word referring to the strong desire to travel and explore • A wicked case of wanderlust was bestowed upon me the day I questioned if there was more to life than what I've been exposed to. The first twenty years of my life had been spent confined to the east... Continue Reading →


Nostalgia— • A nine letter word describing the desire to relive the past due to sentimental memories • I'm writing this post as I lay in bed flooded with nostalgia in my hotel room. Location: Disney World. Known to most as the most magical place on Earth. Whether you're seven or forty-five, we can all... Continue Reading →

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