Strength— • An eight letter word describing one's ability to endure tough times optimistically while overcoming setbacks and hardships • The type of strength I'm focusing on here cannot be seen with the visible eye. It cannot be felt within the crevices of our arms. It is not determined by the forces we exert. This... Continue Reading →


Forgiveness— • An eleven letter word formed when one lets go of the resentment they have towards another; dismissing anger caused by an argument or ill-mannered action • Forgiveness. To some-- a weak mistake. To others-- a sense of peace. Think of every fight you've ever been in; every verbal disagreement. The lies you exposed,... Continue Reading →


Friendship— • A ten letter word describing a mutual bond between people, usually (hopefully) filled with support and trust • Think back to the first time you made a friend. You may have been as young as four years old. But why did you befriend this specific person? Did they help you out in tough... Continue Reading →


Depression— • A ten letter word describing the state of feeling sad, useless, and hopeless on a regular basis • Everyone has been upset from time to time. A bad breakup, a degrading comment, and the failure to accomplish a goal can all trigger despair. We may cry, scream, and vent until we feel at... Continue Reading →


Change— • A six letter word describing an alteration in how things previously were; to become different physically, emotionally or mentally • Whether it's a change in the weather, a change in an outfit, a change in location, or a change of your mindset, change is endlessly surrounding us. Our physical appearances have been changing... Continue Reading →


Independence— • A twelve letter word describing the state of being individualistic, self-sufficient and not reliant on others • The biggest leap I ever took into independence was when I began what some call "the best four years of your life." You know, those years you are expected to find yourself and become the true... Continue Reading →


Mistake(s)— • A seven letter word indicating an error or fault on one's behalf • If you're human you've made a mistake before, and if you're anything like me then you've made several. Misjudging others, handling situations incorrectly, not prioritizing properly-- all common mistakes surrounding us constantly. "What if I did it like this?" This... Continue Reading →


Time— • A four letter measurement of activities taking place; the hours, minutes and seconds that pass • Time elapses as I drive around, or lay sound asleep in bed. It continues as I run on the treadmill at the gym, and while I write these words. Conscious or not, the clock is always ticking. Time... Continue Reading →


Jealousy— • An eight letter word referring to that feeling of envying one's lifestyle; the desire to have what others already do (physically or emotionally) • Another Saturday night spent lounging in my bed and what better topic to blog about than jealousy? Yes, jealousy—that warm feeling of enrage and unsatisfaction. While all of my friends... Continue Reading →

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