Settling— • The eight letter action of taking what you're given, regardless of knowing you deserve so much more • We all do it. We settle. For mediocre jobs we grow sick of after the first month. For safe relationships that fail to make our hearts pump out of our chests. For the average. For... Continue Reading →


Him— • A three letter word and another lesson learned • It happens often. You fall for the person you wouldn't expect. The warning signs fade as your feelings disregard your mindset. Every quirky moment, secret shared, and passionate kiss pull you in a little deeper. If you're lucky he'll tell you he feels the... Continue Reading →


Love— • A four letter word that I can't seem to live with... or without; a feeling of affection or deep interest towards a person, place or thing • When you hear the word "love" your mind might wander to that special someone. Now you're picturing a particular person: a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, partner, lover -... Continue Reading →

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