Settling— • The eight letter action of taking what you're given, regardless of knowing you deserve so much more • We all do it. We settle. For mediocre jobs we grow sick of after the first month. For safe relationships that fail to make our hearts pump out of our chests. For the average. For... Continue Reading →

Social Media

Social Media— • An eleven letter phrase describing the use of social networking through the sharing of thoughts, pictures and messages • A night out in the city can't seem to begin until a worthy enough picture is captured and posted. The waffle tower ordered at brunch the next morning clearly mustn't be eaten until... Continue Reading →


Self-worth— • A nine letter phrase describing the way one perceives his/her existence; one's opinion on their value or standing in life • SELF-worth, similar to SELF-esteem, can only be determined by one person: yourSELF. I believe that knowing your own self-worth is crucial for living happily in society in this day and age. We tend... Continue Reading →

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